Business plans and projection-models are only as useful as the people working to turn those ideas and goals into a reality. To ensure growth and prosperity for your organization and the individuals supporting it, it’s important to execute a plan that is sustainable.

“We will help you achieve success in the journey
     for it is in the execution and balancing of your
resources that achieves the greatest gain.”

                    - Connie Whitton

Executive Coaching and Consulting Services

Executive coaching is the process of making the best even better – for the benefit of the organization and the customers it serves.

  • Our coaching services develop executives and their teams in professional capacities in order to lead the organization to success.
  • We will identify clear cut outcomes and methods to measure.
  • Our coaching services start and end within reasonable time frames; we do not define it as therapy or counseling.
  • Services focus on results, supporting business and strategic goals.

Board Development and Governance

One of the most important jobs of any board is to know how to govern.  We work with boards to be sure each and every member has a role to play and understands the purpose.  We provide development actions and a plan to ensure that the board leads.

  • Does the board know what its job is?
  • Are they asking the right questions to execute their fiscal responsibilities?
  • Governance should not be interpreted to mean managing the leadership team.
  • Boards should plan their own succession along with that of the organization they govern.
  • Does the board know how to select good leaders?

Succession Planning

Planning for succession begins at the top, with the board, owners and/or executives of any organization.  We will guide you in answering the following questions and create a plan specific to you and your goals.

  • What would happen to your company if you or someone else retired or left?
  • Who are the leaders in your organization and what are you doing to provide resources for success?
  • Is your leadership development process tied to your organizational values, purpose and direction?
  • What are you doing to attract new talent and diversification of ideas?

Training and Motivational Speaking

We deliver a call to action when participating in any speaking engagement or retreat.  We believe our most important service is to encourage and foster the art of thinking.

  • Our presentations are unique to the audience, using humor, real life experiences and examples of both failures and success. This ensures that our presentations do not miss the mark.